Bad Betty's Bedroom

Both Bad Betty's Bedroom and the main store are located in a small shopping mall on Main Street in downtown Julian.

The Bedroom's decor is that of an 1880s saloon girl's bedroom. Any item you might expect to find in such a place is what Bad Betty strives to present in this shop. You may find a boa or a corset draped across the bed, or perhaps the lovely beaded gown she wore the night before. Period lamps and jewelry, as well as clocks, perfume, and those little dainties one might happen to glimpse here and there are always available.

Much, much more can be had in Bad Betty's Bedroom....even old bordello tokens might pop up occasionally. So come on in and stroll back in time.

These and many other items are available through Bad Betty's online Shopping Catalog.

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2116 Main St, P. O. Box 131
Julian CA 92036